It says my planner is in transit / LABEL CREATED / but nothing has scanned? 

Due to Covid-19 USPS does not do hand scanning at this time to reduce transmission of germs.  Just because the tracking isn’t updated does NOT mean your package isn’t moving.  Packages are all sent through priority mail and typically take 2-3 business days to get to you.  

EXAMPLE: if your label was created Friday, you should receive your package around Tuesday or Wednesday as Sunday there is no mail delivery. Please wait to email us until enough time has passed as we have a large volume of emails currently. 


Can I buy this if I’m not in Nursing School yet?

ABSOLUTELY! This planner has ‘the hard stuff’ about medicine/pathology and made it SIMPLE.  We have a large amount of high school students that have not taken a college level course that are able to fully comprehend our activity pages and learning pages.  You don’t need to be in college to Understand Congestive Heart Failure.  We break it down for you no matter what level you are!



Will this help me if I’m already a Nurse? NP? Med Student?

Definitely! Every nurse and person varies in their Education or what their experience has taught them.  We have a lot of veteran nurses that have used this planner and our new grad nurses that utilize this planner as well.  Our nclex style questions are more on the moderate to difficult range, but the rationales in the back are extremely helpful for education purposes. We cover ABGs and how to spot metabolic/respiratory imbalances quickly, all the way to breakdowns of CHF, DM, EKG’S etc.  If you’d like to brush up on your education, this is a fantastic planner to use. 

We can say that if you are a Nurse of 5-10+ years in the ICU or CICVU this may not be as helpful for someone with a higher nurse education level.  



What is the difference between an UNDATED planner and the other planners?

Our UNDATED planner is just that- NO DATES! Yes you still have the monthly, weekly views, but the dates are not attached.  We DO provide stickers in the back of the planner so you can fill this in yourself. This means you can start your planner at anytime you’d like and not waste pre-dated months.  Additionally, you have the freedom to skip a month if you haven’t filled it in so you can utilize your planner any way you’d like.  We know not all nursing programs start at the same time, so this gives you the freedom to utilize the planner’s learning pages before you even start school!



Will you have planners for next year? Are they different questions or activity pages?

YES! We will have planners every year ahead.  The questions and the activity pages will change over the years.  For example:

Jan 2020 planner & August 2020 planner will have the same Nclex style questions and activity plages.

Jan 2021 & August 2021 planners will have DIFFERENT nclex style questions, and the activity pages will have SOME similar pages, as well as NEW activity pages as we grow.  Pathology is for the most part the same but we will strive every year to make these learning pages better and better, and continuously add on new pages to make the planner more resourceful.



Do the covers change, or do you have options?

As of now, our planners are not interchangeable, and only offered in one cover. We are working on making this more customizable as the years go on.  Our UNDATED planners are in black with our color pop brain.  Our August 2020 planner now has options of Black or White cover.  If you purchased a planner before the color selection was available, please email us if you'd like to change this and we can do this for you! studentnurseplanner@gmail.com



Do you have planners available for........

As our business grows, we have major plans for a medical line of planners coming soon. Currently we are working on a Critical Care workbook/planner. We plan to have more planners for Med Students, Paramedics, and Vet techs.  Stay tuned :)

Please Email us at StudentNursePlanner@gmail.com or @studentnurseplanner for any additional questions we can help you with. We ALWAYS strive to have an answer within 24 hours.  Sometimes emails have appeared in our spam, but we continue to check the folder just in case so we don’t miss you! We’re always available daily. 



What size is the planner?

7 x 10, and approx 200 inner pages, 15 divider tabs, and 6 sticker pages (this may very slightly among planners).  


You're sold out.. will you restock!?

YES! Everything we sell out, we are restocking.  During the pandemic it is difficult to estimate delivery so we shut sales down until the product arrives so you're not stuck waiting.  However, if the planner started in January, and the month inquiring is February or March, we will not restock a planner that is out of date until the next calendar year.